Do you have a sweet fang? Well, at Cottonmouth Coaching, we have some of the highest-quality edible gummy worms in Washington, DC. Our gummy worms are crafted with love, passion, and dedication. Notably, our cannabis-infused edibles contain 400mg THC per goodie bag, making them the perfect gift for any cannabis enthusiast.

Cottonmouth Edibles

Our infused treats have become known for their even blend of elevating and mellowing effects. From gummy worms to gummy sharks, all of our edibles contain 400mg per bag, though the number of pieces vary. This allows consumers to select a specific strength that suits their needs. For example, our gummy worms contain 10 individual 40mg pieces, while our gummy sharks contain 8 individual 50mg pieces.

Many regulars appreciate the simple fact that our edibles can assist in achieving a stress-free evening, especially after a busy work schedule. They can also help those with sleeping difficulties find peaceful, deep sleep at night. To top things off, our infused snacks can be consumed in places where other means of consumption are not tolerated.

The Best Quality THC Gummy Worms

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We subject every gummy worm to a three-step oil filtering process to ensure it is of the highest purity. From quality ingredients to top-shelf distillate, every bite tastes great and offers a helpful alternative when you want to experience relaxation discreetly.

High-potency Gummy Worms

Despite their high potency, our gummy worms are far too delicious to resist. Infused with solvent-free distillate, our gummies contain 400mg THC per pack. Once consumed, the effects can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to begin. Therefore, it is recommended to start with one and wait for your desired effects before enjoying another.

Affordable Gummy Worms

We offer our infused gummy worms for FREE when you make a purchase of motivational quotes. All of our cannabis gifts are included free of cost to make them accessible to the largest demographic possible.

Prompt Delivery

We understand how frustrating it can be waiting on a delivery, especially when it includes a free cannabis gift. Therefore, we offer prompt delivery to the entire district. Our infused gummy worms are contained in sealed, tamper-proof packaging and delivered within the fastest means possible.

Courteous Customer Service Team

Our team of friendly and courteous customer service professionals is available to answer all of your inquiries about our cannabis infused treats. We also encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns about our gifts, so we can offer assistance.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Since day one, we have worked tirelessly to deliver the best service to our customers. You can be assured that our edibles are fresh and always dosed with precision and accuracy. We also ensure that each order is packaged with care.

Variety of Cannabis Gummy Flavors

Along with our gummy worm edibles, we also offer peach rings, apple rings, octopuses, and sharks, with more to come soon. Our impassioned chefs combine classic tastes with the highest quality oil to unleash a sensory experience that will leave you wanting to try them all!

A Wide Range of Gift Options

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We offer our infused edible gifts in several quantities, such as our Mix ‘N Match 2 Pack, 5 Pack, and 10 Pack. These options make it possible to order the edible combination of your choice in different sizes.